Monday, May 15, 2006

Mister Fanboy TV Admission: I Still Watch Survivor

Our own Mister Fanboy TV has a startling admission. Read on ...

I still watch Survivor. In fact, I still look forward to watching it. There, I said it. In my 12-step program for Addiction to Bad TV, we are asked to make amends for anything that we have done that may have harmed another. Reservations about opening up old wounds aside, we are responsible for hours of Survivor viewing. And nearly all of its been pleasurable.

Serval years ago when Survivor debuted and took the country by storm, I was one of its devotees. Yet as the ratings have dipped over time, I have remained a true believer in the cult of Survivor. Later, when the glut of reality TV imitators flooded the market, I stayed true to Survivor. Sure, I sampled the first season of Big Brother (it put me to sleep),

watched the first too episodes of Temptation Island (I was too ashamed to watch another),

and even liked the Mole (with Anderson Cooper from CNN as the host, before he became respectable).

But some of the shows sicken me. American Idol?!?

Am I the only person who cannot stomach watching amateurs butcher songs, 90% of which I do not like. Do I really need to hear a craptacular singer sing a selection of Jody Watley's greatest hits?

(Her sister's a porn star, by the way. Something I learned watching HBO's documentaries on the porn industry. What? They're documentaries so they are inherently edu-macational.)

And then there are the Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire,

or the Nanny's out there.

Blech. I like Survivor because it has pretty much stuck to the same working formula. Sure there's slight variations on the theme - splitting into teams based on gender, or in the season which ended last night, the banishment of players to Exile Island. The personalities are still there -- the hotties who are in it just for the exposure, the crazy people/liars, the older bitchy woman/man, the athletic overacheiver, the snarky gay guy.

Congratulations to Aras for winning last nights show.

I had hoped him or Cerie would win and was glad it wasn't someone who annoyed me.

So what's the point of this ramble? Again, its to admit my addiction to Survivor. There. I've said it. But don't expect me to quit anytime soon.

-Mister Fanboy TV


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