Thursday, May 11, 2006

Evil Monitor Demons Attack Mister Fanboy

That's right. Our very own HP-HAL has been attacked by evil computer nanites, making it very difficult for us to actually see what we are doing. With great sadness, we will be taking HAL

into to be serviced tonight (no, not in the"Hey, Tara Reid, whatcha up to tonight kinda way).

Mister Fanboy is thankful that he bought the extended service contract with Best Buy. Mister Fanboy is not happy that HP-HAL has already been serviced once and we only got him in January. Either that, or X-51

will be here to take his place, something that Aaron Stack won't like one bit.

Stay tuned. We will still be able to make posts, just only when we are blowing off valuable work time.


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