Saturday, June 03, 2006

Things That Make Us Happy: Manhunter

We've said it before, but we want to remind everyone how much we dig DC's Manhunter. Truth be told, we were not familiar with any of the previous Manhunter series or those that wore the costume. It was earlier announced that the series would be cancelled with issue #25. Apparently, the groundswell of support from fans was such that DC has decided to give the series at least 5 more issues. Further, DC has promised a marketing push for the series. Kudos to the DC brass for listening to the fans. For those that aren't familiar with the series it follows D.A. Kate Spencer who decided to take law into her own hands, broke into an evidence locker, and took lots of goodies from metahuman baddies. In the process she killed, made even more mistakes and enemies, and the series developed a robust cast of supporting characters. With the DC-wide "1 Year Later" reboot, she's now a defense attorney with DEO and Mr. Bones. Good stuff. Check it out.


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