Monday, May 08, 2006

Is The Last Stand the Last?

Confusion continues to swirl around X-Men: The Last Stand. And this tornado has nothing to do with Storm (bad cliche, we apologize).
According to published reports, the director and the studio say the soon-to-released film will be the last. Seperate reports have Patrick Stewart (Professor X) saying otherwise.

According to a recent appearance by a cast member on the Tee Vee, that may not be the case. On Jimmy Kimmel's show (why does he have a show?), Famke Janssen (Jean Grey/Phoenix) left the door open for additional films.

Already, preproduction work on a solo-Wolverine film for Hugh Jackman

and a Magneto prequel, taking a look at a youthful version of the character that Ian McKellen portrays, have begun. And we mean pre- pre-production.

It sounds like the official word is that this is the last film, unless it does super-well and they can convince the majority of the cast to come back. It's not like the X-cannon doesn't provide a ton of stories to choose from. Mister Fanboy Movies cautions us to remember that it's better "to have 3 stellar films that 8 more crappy ones." D'uh. That was obvious. And we let this guy post here? Where the hell did he go to school? Brown? Who the hell sets out to make Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol

or Jaws 3-D on purpose?


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