Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Infinite Disaster

Just a week ago, DC Comics' Infinite Crisis miniseries came to a conclusion. So what do some of the players in the series think about it. Read on, in a special interview conducted by our very own Mister Fanboy Comics ...

Mister fanboy Comics: Now that issue #7 has come out, I am curious as to how two of DC's heaviest hitters think about it. In one corner we have Captain Marvel and in the other the Spectre.

Captain Marvel: I loved the series. It was great. I also appreciated all of the face time, mostly in the Day of Vengeance tie-ins. However, I have a question. Am I still alive?

Spectre: The series was horrible. However, I do appreciate all of the face time, particularly in Day of Vengeance. Also, thanks for the new host body. I can't wait to learn more about the bruthas.

MFC: Um, guys. Beyond your roles, what did you think.

CM: I think Geoff Johns rocks as a writer. He was able to grab together lots of dangling plot threads, some 30 + years old and weave them into an engaging story. I really liked seeing all of the characters that I haven't seen in years.

S: Geoff Johns is a tool. He created a fanboy's wet dream- No offense Mister Fanboy Comics -

MFC: None taken -

S: This wet dream of his brought in every character he could ever want. Just in time for me to kill many of them. Not all, as I wasn't even the true villian of the story. But my point is that the characters were one-sided. Where was the characterization?

CM: This coming from Mr. Negative?

S: (Hiss)

MFC: But with that many characters and only 7 issues, you can't do everything you want.

S: Yes, but what was Pantha's motivation?

CM: Pantha. That brings up a point. As much as I liked the series, why kill so many people.

S: Muahahaha

MFC: Stop that.

S: Sorry. But I liked all of the death. I am the living embodiment of vengeance after all. Muahahahhaha.

CM: I mean really, can't we all just get along.

MFC: You're kidding right?

CM: No. There needs to be more upstanding citizens fighting this kind of stuff.

MFC: Ummm. That's the whole point of the story. Fighting an impending evil. That's what superheroes do?

CM: You're right. My bad.

MFC: So what did you all think of the multiple Earths theme?

CM: Nice idea.

S: Badly executed?

MFC: How about the merging of all the Earths to try and clean up the continuity confususion.

CM: Excellent.

S: Made it more complicated.

MFC: Ok, I see I am not getting much from you two. One more quick question. What did you think of the Superboy Prime and Alex Luthor villians?

CM: They were mean. I don't like mean people.

S: They's my kind of peeps.

MCM: My two cents. The ending with Superboy Prime left a major unanswered question out there. I think the writer's were a bit too ambitious, but it was still an enjoyable ride. Issue #6, in particular, was my favorite. And the ending of #7 with the Joker was priceless!

CM: Can I ask a question. I don't think it was very nice of you to try to destroy me and to take out Shazam like that. Really uncool.

S: Go to hell.

MCM: Well on that note ... we better wrap this up before I become collateral damage in a smackdown (insert Civil War joke here).



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