Saturday, June 03, 2006

Nightwing at the Brink of Death - Uhhh, Maybe Not So Much

Apparently, the rumors were true. Nightwing was slated to die in the Infinite Crisis mini. Yeah. That Nightwing. A.K.A. Dick Grayson. A.K.A. Robin #1, the original Boy Wonder. At the end of issue 6 (or was it 5?), he was down and appeared to be dead after jumping in front of some kind of energy discharge from evil Alexander Luthor that was directed at Batman. Leading up to that point, there was lots of innuendo about Nightwing's fate. We even got the impression that an evil doppleganger from one of the alternate realities would take his place. See- comics are just like soap operas but with real fisticuffs instead of verbal tete a tetes. We digress ... This weekend it was confirmed by DC suits that indeed Nightwing was destined to die. But, as the process moved along the lightbulb came on telling them what a colossal clusterfuck that idea would have been. It just makes no sense to take out a character that has been around nearly from the beginning and is extremely useful in propelling storylines forward (Batman can't be everywhere). Also, like Batman, he's got no super powers which is still pretty unique, with a few exceptions (Green Arrow, etc.). They already killed one Robin. So what if he's back. And they killed Spoiler, she was Robin for all of 5 minutes, right? Regardless, they came back from the brink before it was too late. Good job DC. Here's a quarter. Go out and by yourself something n-i-c-e.


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