Monday, June 18, 2007

Mister Fanboy TV Haiku Mini-Review: Flight of the Conchords

Mister Fanboy TV has clearly not left the house as of late, as he graces us with yet another mini-review in Haiku..

Wry understated
Two slacker musicians
"Office" funny - watch

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Mister Fanboy TV Haiku Mini-Review: Soprano's Final Episode

Mister Fanboy TV is celebrating the resumption of cable TV in his home with a review of the final episode of Sopranos.

More death expected
Ending fucked with fans
It made us think - brain hurts

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We're Back!

We've finished relocating and have spent time at the spa to get some "work" done. Our collagen infused lips and shin implants are off the hook. Watch for more workday timewasters forthwith. Huzzah.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Back To Regular Posting Next Week

Greetings Readers!

We appreciate your patience as the Mister Fanboy Editorial Offices moved to Sin City. Desert life is treating is well so far and the job that pays the bills seems to be a good fit. Since we won't have a reliable internet connection for another 10 days or so, check back the second week of June for a return to regular posting. Moving is expensive and until we get that first paycheck, we've had to cut out some of life's finer luxuries as well. (In fact, if anyone is so inclined to record tonight's Sopranos onto a DVD and send it to us, drop us an email at for our mailing addy; we would be VERY appreciative). Our old local comic book shop is graciously hanging on to the last 4 weeks worth of comics for us. We can't wait to call them on Friday with a credit card number to have them sent off to us. See, we HAVE been making sacrifices. We hope you are well.

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