Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Horrors From Hollywood

Scary, isn't it?

Found over at The Duck Motif, who in turn found it over at the Gallery of the Absurd.

Here's another direct from the Gallery. Although this one isn't sad scary like the one above, it's asshole scary.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

This one is really for Tits McGee over at tits list. Now she can dress up as her boyfriend, or anyone else she wishes as Stephen Colbert. Over at Forbes.com you cans also choose from Kim Jung Il, Hugo Chavez, or the biggest asshole of them all - Donald Rumsfeld.

Orgy Of Marvel Zombies Announced

All hail Marvel Zombies, one of the best limited series in years. And now there's a prequel, sequel, and crossover. Zombie goodness.

Birthday Schwag

This past Friday, the Mister Fanboy Editorial Staff celebrated being one more year closer to death. Although we got lots of interesting gifts, we thought we'd share with you two things we got from Tits McGee, maven of tits list. Thanks Tits. We appreciate, especially considering actual thought went into these gifts rather than a check or gift card (not that we're complaining).

Monday, October 30, 2006

Mister Fanboy Movies Public Service Announcement: Samurai Chicks

Mister Fanboy Movies joins us today with a brief Public Service Announcement:

The other day, we ran across a DVD for Samurai Chicks. It's not nearly as good as the title implies. Save your money. That is all.

--Mister Fanboy Movies

The Train Wreck That is Chyna

We know this has nothing to do with our regular topics, but we know there have to be some wrestling fans out there. Above you see the BEFORE picture of Chyna - yes, we said before. She has obviously been letting the homeless woman who shops at thrift stores (not in an of itself a bad thing) and lives across the street from our local library dress her in clothes intended for a 12 year old girl back in 1991. But then it gets worse. Scroll down ....

Keep going.

We said keep going.

Still not there.

No, we are not there yet Smurfette.

Blind yet. Found over at Go Fug Yourself.

Guiding Light Marvel Crossover on TV Tomorrow

We think this crossover is pure marketing brilliance, quite frankly. Here is a link to a preview of the episode over at CBS. When putting it together, they borrowed a page from Spider-Man, that's for sure.

Found via Blog At Newsarama.

Jack Black Green Lantern Film A No Go

The Blog At Newsarama reported that the Green Lantern project starring Jack Black from a script written by Robert Smigel (Saturday Night Live's "Ambiguously Gay Duo," among many others), is not going to happen. We hadn't even heard of this until we read the report. Apparently, fans had their panties all bunched up in a not about a comedic turn on Green Lantern.

Superman 2 Film With Singer A Go

Superman Returns director Bryan Singer will get another crack at Supes in a second film, which was reported all over the web today.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Save Stilt-Man

Oh no. According to the Punisher War Journal #1 preview which is over at Newsarama, it appears that Stilt-Man might bite the big one. He's our favorite bad character, even more so than Batroc the Leaper. If you want to save Stilt-Man, leave a comment. We'll forward them all to the powers that be. We're sure they'll listen to us.

US Postal Service Issues Marvel Stamps

Head on down to your local post office to get them while they are hot. If you live in another country, we guess you're screwed. For a slight fee, however, we'd be happy to get them for you and mail them to your home or refugee camp. Ouch. Special discounts for Gitmo.

From Another Fan: A Big Fuck You To Joe Quesada

Wow. Funny. Found over at the Blog At Newsarama.

Birthday Extravaganza

Happy Birthday to us. Happy Birthday to us. Happy Birthday Mister Fanboy Editorial Team. Happy Birthday to us. 34 years and just now starting to break down. Not too shabby.

Hey, if you can't toot your own horn, don't expect anyone else to do it.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Looking For A Career Change? Try Pole Dancing. All The Cool Kids Are Doing It!

Boing Boing not only has an articles on a do-it-yourself pole dancing kit, but the physics of pole dancing as well so that you know what kind of workplace injuries to expect. We offer it to you as a public service.

Hellboy:Sword of Storms Premiers Tomorrow Night

The Hellboy animated film will be seen on the Cartoon Network at 9:30 PM Eastern and Pacific. If you live in another time zone, you're on your own.

Religion And Mainstream Comics

There's an interesting discussion about this over at Christians Read Comics Too. Found via Blog At Newsarama.

Editors note: Perhaps the kind of comic isn't the one the authors had in mind.

Stuart Immonen Confirmed As New Ultimate Spidey Artist

We figured he'd lined something up now that Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. will no longer be an ongoing, but he's confirmed as the new artists for Ultimate Spider-Man. Read the article here.

Daredevil: Father #6 Finally To Be Released

We'll believe it when we see it at our local comic book shop. Read the article here.

X-Factor Gets Regular Artist -- Finally

Sick of multiple artists on one issue, or rotating artists from issue to issue? Fret no more as Pablo Raimondi is on the way. Read the article at Newsarama. If you're not reading this title you should. It's one of the titles we truly look forward to every month.

High Times Magazine Awards Show: Captain Chronic And Bong Girl

We just thought this photo was a crack-up. Read the article at the Washington Post (if they make you register, it's free and easy). Perhaps this will give you a Halloween costume idea.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Weird Celebrity Sightings

So in the last 3 weeks we have seen quite a few celebrities. Why are we telling you this. Only because it's so random, quite frankly. We can't tell you the name of our fair burg for fear the Cylons, Centauris, Romulans, Girl Scouts, Society, or Pro-Registration forces find us.

Oprah at Trader Joe's (she was looking at wine, certainly not $2 Chuck though)
Noah Wylie at the local comic book shop (yes we know his comic buying should move him to the top spot, but this is the Oprah; couldn't see what he was browsing)
Dennis Franz walking into a pharmacy
Kathy Ireland at a cafe
Sally Todd, actress in Frankenstein's Monster, 1958 (This one had to be pointed out to us)
Elaine Calhoun, from the Ozzie and Harriet Show (Also had to have it pointed out to us)

Really we're not name dropping. It was just weird. We're heading out of town tomorrow night to celebrate one year closer to death on Friday, but we should be able to post tomorrow. If not ... just hold your breath until Monday. All will be well.

UPDATED: Parent's Who Clearly Don't Love Their Child

Kid gets stuck in a vending machine after crawling inside. We don't know who will have a harder time living it down - him or the adults supposedly in charge of him.

UPDATE: It turns out that someone gathered four instances of similar happenings and sent them over to Boing Boing. Four instances. Sheesh. But then again, you'd be amazed at how many people die each year from being crushed to death by vending machines after tipping over the machine to get money or food/beverage. We shit you not. Yeah for the culling of the herd.

X-Factor Scribe Speaks

Peter David, author of X-Factor, gives some insight into his KICK-ASS book over at Newsarama today. Check it out. Therein he discusses some H-U-G-E events on Madrox/Multiple Man. If it sticks, our question is: How did his dupe succumb to the Legacy Virus?

We're also huge fans of David's work on Fallen Angel, which started out over at DC, was cancelled, but now lives on at IDW.

Moon Knight To TV?

Newsarama is reporting that Marvel is working with a production company to bring a live action version of the character to TV. Although not huge fans ourselves, we think this could work.

An Alternative To Halloween Candy

Over at the Mister Fanboy Editorial Offices, we were trying to come up with a suitable alternative to handing out Halloween candy because who wants to promote spastic children with sugar rushes. And we found it. Click here for the great idea.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Updated: Three Dimensional Cheesecake Sex Objects

The call by Kalinara and Ragnell asking for cheesecake/beefcake images got us thinking about the representation by women in comics in general. If we can over-generalize, a lot of women, those that call themselves feminists as well as those who do not, bemoan the over-objectification of women in comics in terms of their appearance. In the Mister Fanboy Editorial Offices, we like to think of that as the "Porn Star Super Hero Look." Some more argue that this is okay, others will argue as vehemently that it is not. What is hard to argue with is the fact that most female superheroes are depicted as sexpots.

So earlier today, we ran across the image below over on the Comics Continuum of a new Schoolgirl Witchblade Statue (Our PC halves want to call into the question the propriety of the schoolgirl visage, our non-PC sides rationalize it). She's pretty much oozing sex. We read a lot online about how comics are hugely guilty of turning women only into sex pots. But what about these statues, busts, action figures, etc.? We have to admit that we are not dialed into the statue community, so we're curious as to what women think of all this. Is it as bad as the comics? Worse? The same? We're truly curious as to your opinion. Please leave a comment.

And then, just for the sake of argument, what are your opinions about "high art" pieces that are not mass produced and are more personal in nature. Something like the Alan Houser image below (we were looking for something suggestive without venturing into XXX territory). It seems a little suggestive to us. Is that any different in theory? We are truly curious. Let us know. We'll give you our opinion after we start getting a few comments.

By the way, here's our contribution to the Cheesecake/Beefcake Images. Don't forget to click on the link within the post to see the females.

UPDATE: Over at the Blog At Newsarama, they noticed the impropriety of this statue as well.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Excellent Halloween Costume Idea: Greatest American Hero

If we were planning on going to a party, this is definitely the costume we would wear. The site also has other costume ideas.

Please Help: Aquaman Telepathic Ring Tone Sound Wanted

We've been looking for this for a while now and can't find it. We have visions of the sound from the Super Friends cartoon with just his telepathy, and other sounds. Any leads are greatly appreciated.

Fraggle Rock Movie?

Throw this in the weird but true file: CNN is reporting that Ahmet Zappa is developing a live action film version of the old TV show. Zappas and Fraggles? Odd combination.

Now all together now:

Dance your cares away, worry’s for another day.
Let the music play down at Fraggle Rock.
Work you cares away.
Dancing’s for another day.
Let the Fraggles play, We’re Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, Red.
Dance your cares away, worry’s for another day.
Let the music play, down at Fraggle Rock.
Down at Fraggle Rock.
Down at Fraggle Rock.

Belated Cheesecake/Beefcake Week Posting

As regular readers know, we were pretty much out of the loop last week. Hence we missed Kalinara and Ragnell's calls for cheesecake and beefcake. A few months ago, we posted 10+ Hottest Women Superhero/Good Gal Comic Characters. Since turnabout it fair play, here is a smattering of Beefcake for those who need their fix (but we will admit, some of those pictured are there more for character traits than for the actual image).


Jack of Fables



Winter Soldier


Madrox/Multiple Man




Dating Advice For Dazzler From Lance Steele

Lance Steele, supporting macho chauvinist from the Dazzler solo series, continues his guest blogging over at Blockade Boy. This time, he has dating advice for Dazzler herself. If only he had passed that along before Longshot ...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday Tits McGee

Who's Tit's McGee? Shame, shame. You haven't been exploring our "League of Extraordinary Bloggers" off to the write. Tits is the blogger behind tits list. Last week, while we were off-world fighting something that we've already forgotten about, and were unable to post online, Tits celebrated her 32nd birthday.

Truth be told, the Mister Fanboy Editorial Staff will be having its very own birthday this Friday. In case you still haven't purchased our gifts, here's the short list. Be sure to pipe up in the comments section if you are going to get something so that we don't have any duplications. Because really, we couldn't be bothered to make any exchanges.

PJ Harvey: Peel Sessions 1991-2004 CD (released on Tuesday)
PJ Harvey On Tour: Please Leave Quietly DVD
Battlestar Galactica MINISERIES (current show) DVD
Battlestar Galactica SEASON 1 (current show) DVD
X-Men 3 DVD
Comic Shop Gift Certificates
United Air Miles

Oh, but wait. This post was supposed to be all about Tits. Well we know how much she enjoys our occasional postings of inappropriate comic covers or panels. So here's one for you. We like to call it, Legends of the Dark Foley Night. It's from Action Comics #421 and we found it over at What WERE They Thinking?

And then there's this, which we found over at The Absorbascon, with Alan Scott getting jiggy with a mollusc.

Happy Belated Birthday Tits. Thanks for making us laugh. Awww (Has Bambi entered the building?).

More On The Guiding Light Marvel Comics Crossover

Lots of specifics on this very odd, but possibly genius, crossover between a soap opera on TV and a soap opera with pictures and violence in the funny books. We'll admit, we'll have a friend TiVo it and check it out. But that doesn't mean we'll be convinced to buy the newest diaper.