Monday, October 29, 2007

10+ Hottest Male Supervillains/Bad Guy Comic Characters (This One's For The Ladies - A Beefcake Counterpoint to Last Week's Cheesecake)

Ladies (or our gay friends), lest it be said that we were sexist, here is our list of the hottest male supervillain comic characters. Last week we presented our 10+ Hottest Women Supervillians/Bad Girl Comic Characters, just in time for the devilish Halloween holiday. That was done in reaction to last year's list of 10+ Hottest Women Superhero/Good Gal Comic Characters, which itself was a reaction to Kalinara and Ragnell's (from When Fangirls Attack fame) request for Cheesecake Appreciation Week. But wait, there's more -- We even provided our own list last year of the hottest male heroes with our Belated Cheesecake/Beefcake Week Posting. So this list is sort of a follow-up to that one. For what it's worth, we did include some self-professed and former heroes on the list. If you don't like, write up one yourself or make a comment. Let's move away now from the most belabored introduction ever, embrace the cliches, and get one with the list.


Gambit, you say? Yes, the man from the big easy has been very naughty of late. Not sure what’s going on with him, but I know man of you wish taking him to bed would be the “Big Easy.”

Hans from Fables

This butcher has the naughty Puritan look down pat.

Iron Man

This one may be controversial (in calling him evil), but this ladies man is as soulless as Dick Cheney.


This assassin still has “it” after all these years.

Lex Luthor

Bald is beautiful.


Depending on whom you ask, this guy is a villain or a hero. But you got to give him credit, he can pull off a Speedo.

Doctor Octopus

Just imagine what he could do with different appendages (or that cigar).


He’s always Mr. Right … and Mr. Right now.

Purple Man

Always dapper, he can convince you that you’re having the time of your life.


There’s just so much more of him to love.

Fin Fang Foom

Because we all know how much you love the shorts!

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Snark Free: Superheroes Anonymous

Great article in today's New York Times about real-life do-gooders. Click here to see it (sometime the Times makes you register to see articles, but it's free to register).

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Birthday Day! Shuffling Off Into Oblivion - Leaving the 18-34 Demographic

Today, we turn a ripe old age of 35. To some that may sound old, and to others young. Either way, we are fading into oblivion. By that we mean that now that we have passed out of the 18-34 demographic, we fear that we will now longer be seen as a decision-maker (read= large waster of "discretionary income") by the powers-that-be (read= PR and pop culture decision-makers). But we refuse to go quietly. We will reclaim our relevance! Perhaps that means shilling for Audi instead of Jeep or Good Earth Tea instead of Red Bull. We refuse to go the way of Tina Yothers or Andrew McCarthy!


Friday, October 26, 2007

Comic-Gate: Hillary Clinton Smear Job

Fair warning. We are getting political.

Mister Fanboy constantly receives politically themed emails from one of its parental units. Fair enough. Said parental unit has - as far as Mister Fanboy is concerned - an almost illogical dislike of Hillary Clinton. By no means is she our favorite Democrat on the block, but if it were to come down to her or any of the crop of Republicans, she would get our vote for president.

At any rate, said parental unit passed along this clip from a film made by one of her detractors that - to our surprise - has a comic book connection. Basically, it involved Peter Paul of Stan Lee Media, who was a fundraiser for her first Senate run, and how she distanced herself from him once the Washington Post revealed that he had a previous felony convinction. From there, her campaign made some missteps in terms in how his contributions here reported. Clearly Mr. Paul is bitter. Perhaps he should be. At the same time, he is also being used by operatives of her enemies. Dare I say it? A vast right wing conspiracy? Check it out for yourself. Please note that Stan Lee is not coming across as a Republican shill.
Click here or on the photo above to see Video (Yet again we fail in our attempts to embed it here-sorry).

Who knows if this thing will gain traction or not? Anyone know more about this?

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Top 4 Reasons I Don't Care That Big Barda Is Dead

This past week there's been quite the kerfuffle about Big Barda's death (appearing off panel, apparently, which I agree, is a total cop out and cheat). Perhaps I will get flack for this, but here are the top 4 reasons why I don't care.

1) After the fiasco that was Infinite Crisis, I have foresworn all DC crossovers. I skipped 52 -- even though from what I gather there were a plethora of interesting story threads, and won't touch Countdown or the Death of the New Gods with a 10 foot pole. I know this is controversial, but I find DC's crossovers too convoluted and steeped in way too much continuity to be enjoyable; as such, I prefer Marvel's. The irony of this being said on a blog called Mister Fanboy is not lost on me. Because her death happened in one of the aforementioned DC crossovers, I have doubts that it matters one wit and won't be retconned during the next big event in such a way that it causes even more confusion. Say what you will about Marvel's big events - and I am sure you will - but theirs tend be much more finite and self-contained.

2) Big Barda means nothing to me (sadly, the same goes for her husband, Mr. Miracle). Sorry, but for one reason or another, her storylines/books were never the ones that I read. That by no means implies that she wasn't a worthwhile character, but it means I'm not all that familiar with her. Even when a gifted writer such as Gail Simone featured her in her last Birds of Prey arc, I didn't get much of a feel for her - or why I should really like her. Perhaps that was due to the fact that there were so many other female heroes in the story and it was hard to make Barda shine, but she vaguely came across as like the Hulk - Barda Smash!

3) I liked Knockout better. Using the work of Simone again, through Villains United, Secret Six, and then Birds of Prey (again), I really learned to like Barda's fellow New Godsian (?, or whatever). The cynical amongst you might say that because I am a guy, and because Knockout was in a same-sex relationship with Scandal, of course I would like her. However, that's not really the case. I appreciated her brashness (which I got the sense that Simone was getting at with Barda herself, but just didn't work for me). I bring up Knockout for two reasons. A) She had a similar origin to Big Barda and I learned to like her and appreciate her first, without being exposed to what I have come to learn is a confusing backstory for all of the New Gods and B) I was actually sad when she got killed (although super-miffed that there was no follow-up in Birds of Prey - thanks Editors!)

4) It's fiction. Character's die. They are then often resurrected. Phoenix. Psylocke. Ice. And the list goes on and on. Perhaps it's finite, but that doesn't mean the writer is directing this at you (reader) specifically. But then again, if Dazzler were to truly bite the dust in continuity, I would be pissed as all get out too and therefore happily be wearing the label of a true hypocrite. I think this goes back to my 2nd point in that the character never really resonated for me.

I was going to include a 5th reason, but I just couldn't think of one.

So, there you have it. Give me a reason why I should care. Seriously. Why am I wrong? Or am I right? Why is the world shaped like a triangular burrito? Discuss.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Breaking News ... This - Part Deux

In honor of the coming Halloween Holiday, we thought it would be good idea to repost this little treasure from just over a year ago.

This is so important that I do not know how to explain it thoroughly. If you already know about this, then you know how very important this is. For the rest of you, I cannot explain how important this would be to you if you took the time to learn about this.

Thanks to our dear friend Tits McGee for bringing this to our attention. Oh, and Happy Birthday to Steve, which started all of this.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

10+ Hottest Women Supervillians/Bad Girl Comic Characters

From time to time, we like to see how people are finding their way here by checking out the nifty referral feature on our Sitemeter. One post that consistently sends travellers here was our 10+ Hottest Women Superhero/Good Gal Comic Characters post from August 2006 (which was picked up by When Fangirls Attack and then Blog at Newsarama). Seeing as how we are swinging into the Halloween season when all things devilish are celebrated, we thought it was high time we pointed out those bad girls we love so much. So in no particular order whatsoever, let the cliches begin!


The woman of a thousand faces and body parts recently got super two-faced in X-Men and has embraced her evil roots.


From the Kabuki series, this is one bad ass assassin who would squash you like the dirty bug that you are.


This French-Vietnamese beauty is a mercenary with a penchant for poison and will make you smile.


Size Matters.

Ultimate Black Widow

One of the best exits for any evil character ever (courtesy of Ultimate Hawkeye), this is one case where the male of the species turned the tables on the female.

Poison Ivy

Tragic, yes, but you gotta love the scenery.

Lumi, the Snow Queen

From Fables and Jack of Fables, we guess the old saying is right: evil is best served cold.


Marsha, Marsha, Marsha ... Lilandra, Lilandra, Lindra! This is one woman with a serious case of sibling rivalry.

Dark Phoenix

Pure evil, but unlike the mythical creature she is named after, she should stop rising from the ashes and stay dead like Elvis.

Madeline Pryor

Jean Grey's clone counterpart (don't ask), with a major chip on her shoulder.


Given many chances to be good, she chose her father's evil path rather than Bat or the Man.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pray For Me

At this very moment, Mister Fanboy is enduring a living hell. Mamma Mister Fanboy is visiting and demanded the television for Desperate Housewives. Please send liquor.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Found on the Net - Great Art

Today we were trolling around and visited Project Rooftop, a site we don't visit enough these days. The site presents re-imaginings of characters in comics (and other genres) from mostly amateur artists/fans. The current feature is that of the late Stephanie Brown/Spoiler/Robin from the Batman comics. These images are by Ming Doyle (or here), who I could easily see breaking into comics big time- you should check out her work. Enjoy.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pop Culture Diarrhea

We’re back. It’s been a long while, we know. You pined for our return – we got the gifts and loved them, thank you very much. The stalkers – we weren’t too fond of them, but that’s what we bought Charles Montgomery Burns’ new litter of hounds for.

So where do we start? We’ve consumed lots of pop culture since Comic-Con. So we shall steal a page from our friend Amy over at Arrogant Self-Reliance and give you a brief recap of what we’ve seen, liked, disliked, etc.

From the files of Mister Fanboy Comics

Killing Girl

This mini tells the story of a young girl snatched from her family and trained to be a mob assassin. Throw in some stunning artwork and you’ve got yourself a keeper.


It’s official: I am dropping this from my pull. I’ve kept it going 2 years longer than I should have. Nothing was better than the 1st 6 issues. I just wasted over $75. Good for me!

World War Hulk

Hulk Smash! Sure it’s like summer blockbuster movie fluff – but it’s fluff that works. The art is awesome and the characterizations make sense. Wish it could have been scheduled weekly, however, as to keep it’s punch. No pun intended.

Birds of Prey

Gail Simone has left writing the book. A moment of silence please.

The Secret Six’s Knockout is dead? Say it isn’t so. But what about the follow-up? I hate DC crossovers. They just SUCK! I will not Countdown nor did I play 52 pick-up (until the library gets the trade paperbacks of course).

From the files of Mister Fanboy Movies:

First Run Movies

Except for the Simpsons Movie, which I loved, I’ve only seen one other flick in the theaters since July, and well, it was much-less-than-meets-the eye.


Lady Vengeance

This Korean revenge flick is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s not as violent as its name implies, though is by no means for the squeamish. Take one part Kill Bill Vol. 1 and equal parts of indescribable drama and revenge and you get this masterpiece. And we don’t use that word frequently. It tells the story of a woman who spends 13 years in a prison for a murder she didn’t commit. Then she seeks revenge … with a twist I didn’t see coming. Oddly, we found it by way one of those workplace time killers somewhere on the web with one of those 10 Best Lists about women that kick ass in movies. This came in at #2 (behind Sigourney Weaver in Aliens). However, it being ahead of Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill intrigued me. I am so glad I got. Get it yourself.

Old Boy

Another great Korean film, this tells the story of a man snatched off the street and imprisoned in a room for 15 years as part of an elaborate plan of revenge. The first 2/3 of the movie and the ending are great, but there’s a little bit just before the ending where it loses its way. Still, it’s well worth your time.

From the files of Mister Fanboy TV


The first episode seemed a bit ho-hum. The 2nd episode was much better and I hope it hits its stride soon, though I can’t for the life of me really care about the Northstar-Aurora brother and sister archetype knockoffs traveling through Central America.

Bionic Woman

The first episode set the stage, but was so obviously a pilot in terms of craptacular character development. If it wasn’t for the Sarah Corvis character (played by Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff) we can’t say that we’d care. The lead is pretty enough but she needs more of a personality. Loved the cameos by the other BSG actor (see for yourself) and the episodes playing on the DVD player. And someone please take the blonde psychologist woman to a salon to do something about her hair. Please. We’re so glad to see that Isaiah Washington is being duly reprimanded for his anti-gay slurs … by getting a recurring role here. WTF?

From the files of Mister Fanboy Music

Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation Deluxe Edition

Full disclosure: Daydream Nation is one of our favorite albums ever! Not only is it digitally remastered in the first disc, but the 2nd is a live recording before an audience. Throw in some live covers … Ecstasy!!!!!

PJ Harvey’s White Chalk

Depressing as all get out … but like opium, and the rest of her albums – addictive. Not like her previous hard hitting work. This one is decidedly low key.
Vegas Celebrity Sightings: Seal, John Oates (Daryl Hall was no where insight), Andre Agassi, Stefi Graf, and Gwen Ifil.
Still to come ... review of Kathy Griffin's live show next Friday night at Mandalay Bay.

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