Saturday, September 30, 2006

Borat Mocks We Likey-Likey

Borat visited Washington, DC and staged an impromptu press conference in front of the Kazakhstani embassy and then makes a mad dash with reporters in tow to the White Stuff. Funny stuff. Read the Washington Post article here (if they make you register, it's free and easy), and don't forget to watch the video. Borat is such a breath of fresh air.

Blashcka Art Glass Exhibit Now Open

Truth be told, we tend not to like most popular art glass. One word: Chihuly. That hack has made a life for himself by self-promoting schlock. Ask most non-art fans to name one artist who works in glass and they probably couldn't. Ask anyone who has been to the Bellagio in Vegas and they will cite Chihuly as the be all and end all. But we suppose if your only exposure to art glass was in Vegas, it's certainly a step above the Murano glass they sell in the NPR and PBS gift catalogs.

At any rate, we were heartened by the Glass: Material Matters exhibit we saw at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art last weekend. Not a Chihuly was to be found. There is a god.

This morning, we ran across information on an art glass exhibit featuring work by Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka that just opened at the National Museum of Ireland (Natural History) by way of Boing Boing. The Blashcka's were pioneers in both glass making and as natural history artists. While most artists stuck to line drawings or watercolors, they made their animals and plants in three-dimensional glass beginning in the mid-19th century. One of the Mister Fanboy staff once worked at an aquarium that featured an exhibit with their art. Even if your travel plans do not include Ireland in the immediate future, check out the links to the Museums and other organizations that are highlighting their work. And if you can, get down to LA to see Glass: Material Matters.

Friday, September 29, 2006

WTF: Robert Downey, Jr. Cast as Iron Man/Tony Stark

Huh? Go here for more information. Really, we hate to rain on someone's parade but this doesn't make sense to us. We just don't see him as a superhero. But then again, Iron Man will be directed by Jon Favreau and will feature the oh-so-culturally-insensitive Mandarin character so who knows what we will get. Every time we think of Downey we get flashbacks to him giving blow jobs for blow in Less Than Zero. Not a great visual, let us be honest with you.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

George "Shrub" Bush's Mentor

Now it is all clear to me. Image found over at What WERE They Thinking.

Screech Sex Tape And The Fall Of Western Civilization

In today's NY Daily News (so it's not the most trusted source in the world) it is reported that a sex tape starring Saved By the Bell's Screech is making it's way around Hollywood looking for a distributor. Apparently, it involves him and two women, is very graphic and involves the ever-infamous "dirty Sanchez."

In case you're too lazy to click on the above link, here's the excerpt:

Porn star's name may ring a 'Bell'
He may have played nerdy eighth-grader Samuel (Screech) Powers in the sitcom "Saved by the Bell." But former TV geek Dustin Diamond can now take his place with Colin Farrell, Tommy Lee and Kid Rock as the star of his very own sex tape.

Everyone who remembers Diamond as a lovable putz is in for a shock once they see a 40-minute video in which he engages in a kinky three-way with two women, sources tell us.
We can't get too graphic here, but word is that the action includes some bodily functions and an act known as a "Dirty Sanchez."

Phoenix-based agent David Hans Schmidt, who has brokered some of Hollywood's biggest celebrity-skin deals, confirms that he's acquired the rights to a tape featuring Diamond.
"Just when you think you have seen everything in this business," he tells us, "mankind has raised the bar another notch. Or lowered it."

Schmidt is in L.A., shopping the tape to Hustler's Larry Flynt, Vivid's Steven Hirsch and other major distributors of adult video.

Now age 29, the 6-foot Diamond is much brawnier than you may remember him. He's a black belt in karate, and, four years ago, he defeated Ron Palillo (Horshack on "Welcome Back, Kotter") on Fox's "Celebrity Boxing 2."

Diamond's manager, Roger Paul, said his client has become a successful standup comic and will appear on the ABC sitcom "The Knights of Prosperity."

"I haven't seen the tape," Paul told us. "I've heard rumors. Dustin has been trying to escape the Screech typecast. So this may help me get more bookings."

In 1996, former "Saved by the Bell" sweetheart Elizabeth Berkley bared all in the Paul Verhoeven-Joe Eszterhas trashterpiece, "Show Girls."

The sex vid's working title is "Saved by the Smell." Ewwwww.

For those of you who live under a rock and don't know what a "Dirty Sanchez" is, follow this link.
This is on top of his cancelled benefit to save his house, which he reported was being taken away from him due to some shifty creditors. Hmmmm. Makes us wonder.

Won't someone please give this guy some attention. He clearly really, really needs it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Heroes Goodness

Over at the NBC website, you can read a Heroes digital graphic novel

and read Hiro's blog. Hiro is a character who teleports and even quoted Kitty Pryde in Uncanny X-Men (#143, we believe). Lots of other interesting stuff over there. Check it out.

Mister Fanboy TV Haiku Mini-Review: Heroes

Mister Fanboy TV pretty much phoned it in today, and gives us his in-depth review of the premiere of Heroes which aired last night on NBC.

New powers explored
Conspiracies abound
Give it a looksie

--Mister Fanboy TV

Monday, September 25, 2006

Heroes Premiers Tonight On NBC

Premiering tonight at 9 PM on NBC in the U.S., Heroes is likely the one new show fanboys and fangirls are looking forward to seeing. Note that if you live in the Mountain, Western, Alaska, Hawaii, or some other timezone around the world you need to check your local listings. If it's not playing in your area, that's your fault for deciding to move to/be born in Omaha, Boise, Talkeetna, Hilo, or Dar Es Salaam, now isn't it?

Anyway, at Comic-Con in San Diego back in July, the response to the pilot was OVERWHELMINGLY positive. The review in today's Washington Post, not so much (if they ask you to register, just do it; it's free and easy). Still, we will watch it and give it few weeks chance before we decide to love or hate it. Jeph Loeb, formerly a producer with Smallville and writer for DC, as well as current writer over at Marvel, is a producer, so we suspect we'll all like it. But then again, his last few issues of Superman/Batman mostly sucked so you never know. Let us know what you think.

By the way, there's not much to report from our trip to LA this weekend. We saw Electra at the MET theatre. A lot of fun. The big fashion design exhibit at LACMA was just like most haute couture - big expectations that are ultimately a let down. We did enjoy the Glass exhibit there, as well as the architecture of the Asian Art Pavilion and LACMA West where visitors participate in the graffiti exhibit. Next time you're in LA, check it out. Plus, it's next to the La Brea Tar Pits (bonus!).

Friday, September 22, 2006

Masters Of American Comics Exhibit Now In Two Museums on East Coast

Much like the internet being cracked in half this week with all of the Civil War bitching, the Masters of American Comics exhibit has been split between the Jewish Museum in New York and the Newark Museum in New Jersey. We have never been to either museum, but one of the Mister Fanboy Staff previously worked at a museum that brought in several excellent traveling shows from the Newark Museum. At any rate, the exhibit in question here is a great opportunity to see some of the early shapers of the comic form, including comic strips and comic books. The exhibit was originally organized at the Hammer Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, both in Los Angeles. The exhibit opened last weekend in both venues and will be up through January 28, 2007. Here's a brief article on the exhibit at the Jewish Museum, and here's another that takes a look at the exhibit in both institutions. Here's a review as well. So if you live in or are traveling to the area, you should check them out. Most of the Mister Fanboy Staff is taking a field trip this weekend to LA to the LA County Museum or Art and to take in the thee-ater as well. We'll report back with anything of interest when we get back.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Painted Game Alert: Okami

Okami. You should learn that if you already haven't. It's the name of a new game on PS2. As geeky as we are here at Mister Fanboy, we aren't really gamers. At times in our lives, yes, and possibly again in the future, but not now. Anyway, we happened upon a review of the game at the NYT. Don't know if will make you register (it's free) to see it or not, but give it a shot. Anyway, the game looks like a beautiful watercolor painting, series of them actually, and is supposedly in the same vein as Zelda. We thought it looked pretty cool. Even the story is interesting. It involves the White Wolf Goddess coming to kill the many-headed dragon. Along for the ride, you're the artist who wields his magic brush to fight, paint, and do all manner of most excellent things. It looks fun to us. Hopefully, to you too.

Ode To A Lecherous Male Chauvinist Pig Cliche Part 2

Earlier this week, we told you about Lance Steele's self-help book that Blockade Boy posted excerpts from earlier this week. Well, we're fortunate enough to have even more excerpts posted? Who is Lance Steele? He was a supporting character from the Dazzler solo series from the early 80s. He was the walking embodiment of a chauvinist male. Check them both out. They are fun.

Civil War #4: Lots Of BIG Happenings

Have you read it yet? It came out today. We'll try to be cryptic, but fans of the Marvel Universe should really be picking these up if they haven't. A few of the highlights:

Someone dies. Someone BIG. And it's not Hercules, like we thought earlier.
Thor is not all that he appears to be.
The Fantastic Four is in disarray, and will soon be the Fantastic One.
The Anti-Registration Crew loses a few members, even more are captured.
Villains now working as heroes.
Cap gets pissed at quitters.
Iron Man is a royal, raging asshole.
Spider-Man qualms continue to grow.
Yellowjacket actually has a conscience. Who knew?

As for the naysayers out there, we really like this series. Hope you do too. It's enjoyable and seems to set up story ramifications for years to come. Most folks we talk to, come down on Cap's side. However, if we actually had super heroes running around in real life, would you feel the same way? We doubt it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Random: In The News .. Willie Nelson's Stash

The other day, we told you about Willie Nelson getting busted. Well today, we ran across the above photo of his stash, which we found over at Last One Speaks, where you can learn more about the photo. Willie: Next time you need someone to join you for a road trip, just let us know. We'll pack the snacks.

Daddy Issues

We ran across an odd blast from the past at other blog -- it's a fun riff on the (melo)drama from the Dazzler series between Alison and her dad about her pursuing a career in music rather than law. It could just as easily have been an episode of Eight Is Enough, save for the mutant powers. Found via Blog At Newsarama.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Reasons We Love Nextwave Agents of H.A.T.E. #1

Dancing mindless ones. I'm expecting them to sashay, twirl and show us those jazz hands. If you think that's funny, then you really should be picking up Nextwave Agents of H.A.T.E.

We found the image over at the Blog At Newsarama.

Workday Time Waster Tip

Try the Official Seal Generator. It's free and fun. It affords you the mindless diversion from you job that you strive for.

Random: In the news .. Willie Nelson Busted With Weed And Shrooms? Wha? That's Crazy Talk!

Read. That's crazy talk.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mighty Avengers Cast Revealed?

Over at Bully Says: Comics Oughta Be Fun! there is an image and that is supposed to be the cast for the upcoming Mighty Avengers book, that was apparently revealed in a recent issue of Wizard magazine. According to Bully's post, another character that is not shown in the above image is also a member of the team (you'll just have to read the post if you want to find out). Also, he has an interesting theory on the image and the fallout from Civil War. Without going into it here, I just can't see how Tony Stark as Iron Man can continue working with other heroes when all this is over.

Ode To A Lecherous Male Chauvinist Pig Cliche

Over at Blockade Boy, there is a hysterical riff on Lancelot Steele, a supporting character from Dazzler in the early 80s. He was this pushy, chauvinist who thought he was the bomb with the ladies. Think Archie Bunker switching brains with Magnum P.I.. Lance invades Blockade Boy to hawk his new self-help book Be Steele, My Heart.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Too. Funny.

For our friends trapped in Pennsylvania, you might want to alert Senator Santorum about the unicorn marriage thing. We are sure he will have something to say about it. Gay marriage is much more creepy and wrong than the Senator and his family spending the night in the same bed with his stillborn child to bond. That's normal right?

From the good folks over at Something Awful.

Borat Responds to Bush and Kazakhstani President

A few days ago, we told you about Boratgate, and how Borat's comments were to be a topic of discussion between Bush and the Kazakhstani Strongman -- err, we meant President. At any rate, here's Borat's response. Thanks to Tits McGee over at tits list for alerting us to it. It's a hoot. No go out and make fun of the privileged and powerful wherever you are.

Villains Needing Motivation Part 2

Here we are again with another motivational poster for the villain in your life. We suspect this is what in the secret room behind this throne room, and we don't mean the shitter.

From the evil villains over at Something Awful.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mister Fanboy Television Commentary: My Love For Bad TV Just Got Very Embarrassing -- Quick Let Me Share It With You

Mister Fanboy Television joins us today to get something off his chest. Quite frankly, I'd be too ashamed to admit this in public, but here goes.

As I've told you before, my love for bad TV knows no bounds. Rollergirls. Survivor. So You Think You Can Dance? Mr. Belvedere. And the list goes on and on and on.

So today. I noticed a time-wasting quiz on the LA Times where I could test my Survivor knowledge. Since I was at work and not on my own time, I took the quiz. I got 100%. Random questions from the umpteen seasons and I got them all right. Don't believe me? Gaze below at the heights of my embarrassment. Revel in the fact that you have more of a life than I. Try the quiz yourself here. Now I will be go to the gym to hit the sauna to sweat out the ickiness I feel ... or watch this old episode of Three's Company. Not too sure.

--Mister Fanboy Television

P.S. The image chosen above is an homage to an old friend from college. Don't ask. He would certainly never admit late night viewings of Alf.

The 'Survivor' Challenge

The new season of "Survivor," premiering Thursday night on CBS, has already stirred up controversy with the announcement that the competing "tribes" will initially be split along racial and cultural lines. Critics say the "Cook Islands" installment is insensitive and a blow to diversity. Host Jeff Probst says, "Wow!" upon realizing that not all Asians are the same. Whatever. Still, it's not like this is the first time the show has had people talking over the past 12 seasons. It has had its share of shocks, surprises and water cooler chatter - both on-screen and off. How much of that do you remember? To see if you're a true fan, take this "Survivor" challenge. Click on the person you think is the correct answer to each question.

1. To get time off from work to participate in the show, this survivor convinced his employer, the Ohio Department of Transportation, that he needed a stress leave.

A. Richard Hatch "Survivor: Borneo"B. Chris Daugherty "Survivor: Vanuatu"C. Colby Donaldson "Survivor: The Australian Outback"

Correct -- Chris Daugherty "Survivor: Vanuatu"

2. This survivor married her "Survivor: Allstars" co-finalist after he proposed to her on live television.

A. Kim Johnson "Survivor: Africa"B. Tina Wesson "Survivor: The Australian Outback"C. Amber Brkich "Survivor: The Australian Outback"

Correct -- Amber Brkich "Survivor: The Australian Outback"

3. In perhaps the most memorable moment of the series to date, this player called one of the finalists a rat and said that if she ever saw her dying of thirst in a desert, she would not stop to help.

A. Amber Brkich "Survivor: The Australian Outback"B. Susan Hawk "Survivor: Borneo"C. Stephenie LaGrossa "Survivor: Palau, South Pacific"

Correct -- Susan Hawk "Survivor: Borneo"

4. Showing just how on edge players can get, this survivor repeatedly accused a fellow competitor, an Army officer, of smuggling in beef jerky.

A. Matthew Von Ertfelda "Survivor: The Amazon"B. Jenna Morasca "Survivor: The Amazon"C. Jerri Manthey "Survivor: The Australian Outback"

Correct -- Jerri Manthey "Survivor: The Australian Outback"

5. Sometime after slaughtering a pig, this player fell into the campfire and had to be evacuated out of the show.

A. Michael Skupin "Survivor: The Australian Outback"B. Richard Hatch "Survivor: Borneo"C. Colby Donaldson "Survivor: The Australian Outback"

Correct -- Michael Skupin "Survivor: The Australian Outback"

6. To celebrate his birthday, this player spent the entire day naked - in his "birthday suit," get it?

A. Richard Hatch "Survivor: Borneo"B. Brian Heidik "Survivor: Thailand"C. Matthew Von Ertfelda "Survivor: The Amazon"

Correct -- Richard Hatch "Survivor: Borneo"

7. This winner was arrested earlier this year on charges of domestic battery and cruelty to animals for allegedly shooting a puppy with an arrow.

A. Colby Donaldson "Survivor: The Australian Outback"B. Matthew Von Ertfelda "Survivor: The Amazon"C. Brian Heidik "Survivor: Thailand"

Correct -- Brian Heidik "Survivor: Thailand"

8. This survivor is currently serving out a 51-month sentence for tax fraud on his $1 million winnings.

A. Brian Heidik "Survivor: Thailand"B. Chris Daugherty "Survivor: Vanuatu"C. Richard Hatch "Survivor: Borneo"

Correct -- Richard Hatch "Survivor: Borneo"

9. This contestant took off her clothes for peanut butter and Oreo cookies, above and beyond what the challenge actually required. She went on to do a $1 million Playboy spread.

A. Susan Hawk "Survivor: Borneo"B. Jenna Morasca "Survivor: The Amazon"C. Amber Brkich "Survivor: The Australian Outback"

Correct -- Jenna Morasca "Survivor: The Amazon"

10. By the end of the game, this player looked like a living, breathing skeleton.

A. Tina Wesson "Survivor: The Australian Outback"B. Richard Hatch "Survivor: Borneo"C. Matthew Von Ertfelda "Survivor: The Amazon"

Correct -- Tina Wesson "Survivor: The Australian Outback"

11. This contestant made cast mates very nervous by spending hours at a time sharpening a machete.

A. Matthew Von Ertfelda "Survivor: The Amazon"B. Michael Skupin "Survivor: The Australian Outback"C. Colby Donaldson "Survivor: The Australian Outback"

Correct -- Matthew Von Ertfelda "Survivor: The Amazon"

12. Being the survivingest member of her tribe, this player was forced to spend the night alone on her side of the island.

A. Stephenie LaGrossa "Survivor: Palau, South Pacific"B. Susan Hawk "Survivor: Borneo"C. Jenna Morasca "Survivor: The Amazon"

Correct -- Stephenie LaGrossa "Survivor: Palau, South Pacific"

13. This nice guy survivor brought a Texas flag to the game as his luxury item.

A. Richard Hatch "Survivor: Borneo"B. Chris Daugherty "Survivor: Vanuatu"C. Colby Donaldson "Survivor: The Australian Outback"

Correct -- Colby Donaldson "Survivor: The Australian Outback"

Score: 100%

Bush and the Borat Diplomatic Row

Sacha Baron Cohen's (AKA Ali G) Borat film will be opening soon and has already caused a diplomatic row. According to this article, Bush will discuss the issue with the President of Kazakhstan. I am so glad that he's tackling important issues like health care, aren't you? And really, shouldn't the President of Kazakhstan be spending his time to learning better ways to undermine his fledgling democracy with more strongarm tactics? There's really not much left to say. The headline pretty much says it all.

Villains Needing Motivation

So one of our net stalkers (thanks crpymdleagman62) sent us this hysterical motivational poster for villains. It's a great riff on those super annoying posters that they sell in kiosks in mall hallways. You know, the kind that says Commitment with a pithy Dr. Philesque saying and photo of a waterfall. Blech. At any rate, over at Something Awful, they've posted a whole plethora of motivational posters just for the villains in your life. From time to time, we'll mine that group (read: we're feeling lazy) and share them with you. Now that you know that, you're life is complete so you might as well just go and end it.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Frank Miller's "This I Believe" Audio Essay on Patriotism

Famed comic book author and film director Frank Miller spoke on NPR's Morning Edition this morning on Patriotism, as part of the "This I Believe" audio essay series. As the USA commemorates the 5 year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorists attacks, it's an interesting bit of introspection and reflection. Miller is the famed author of Sin City (not to mention co-director of the film of the same name), with character-defining interpretations of Batman and Daredevil.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

How We Will Commemorate 9/11

Just by chance, the Mister Fanboy offices will be closed tomorrow so that we can fumigate for the head lice that Mister Fanboy Television passed around the office, much liked Paris Hilton passes around VD. Our way of commemorating the 5 year anniversary of the 9/11/2001 attacks in the United States will be to read Ernie Colon and Sid Jacobson's The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation. It's gotten great reviews and it seems like the appropriate thing to do. Depending on how the day goes, you may see a review of it here tomorrow. Whatever you do tomorrow, don't forget what happened and that regardless of what's happened since then (i.e., the great George Bush clusterfuck), our hearts go out to the victims and their families. That was likely the most empathetic thing you will ever read on this site, fucktard.

Elphaba Lives!

Well, no. Not really. We just finished reading Gregory Maguire's Wicked in our Mister Fanboy Staff Books Without Pictures Book Club and the logo reminded us of the book. In fact, we liked it so much that we got the sequel, Son Of A Witch on CD to listen to in our editorial offices. It was equally as good, if not better. We ran across this logo at When Fangirls Attack. Apparently, they used something called the Official Seal Generator to make it. It looks fun. We'll try it out sometime when we get a chance.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Jingoism From Days of Yore

We'll let it speak for itself.

As usual, from the very good folks at Superdickery.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Kudos For A Preview/Comics Tease

This afternoon the Mister Fanboy staff stumbled on to the Civil War #4 (the issue which as now famously delayed) preview on Newsarama. The panels they showed blew us away. We are fully aware that there's lots of misdirection and sleight of hand going on, but still ... very intriguing. Is he dead? We know someone died at the end of Civil War #3, as the most recent Cable/Deadpool confirmed it but didn't tell us who. After rereading Civil War #3, we were left thinking that Thor might have killed Hercules (God vs. Demigod -- it worked in our minds). But could they have killed off Cap? God, we hope not.

Storyline aside, it got us thinking about all of the comics promotion going on and how this was a particularly effective attempt, one that left us hoping to get the book (we say hoping since we have Jury Duty beginning that day - D'oh!). Continuing to use Civil War as an example, all too often Marvel's Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada has to say "wait and see" when he does his dog and pony show for the press. Although it gets old -- really old -- we understand why he does that and in some sense sympathize. Consider how pissed you get when someone spills the ending for you before you've read the comic, book, or seen the movie. We get it. We know what he's doing. But here, taking a bunch of panels which may or may not be sequential, and creating a possible misdirection for us (or not, as the case may be), is particularly effective. We want to see more of this rather than the old "wait for the issue" comments. For now at least. A year down the road we reserve the right to change our minds yet again - much like creative teams on X-books. What do you think? You really want to throw caution to the wind and check out the link above.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Comics For Girls Exhibit Now Open

The Blog At Newsarama highlights the Shojo Manga! Girl Power! Girls Comics From Japan exhibit now at The Japan Foundation, Toronto. Should be interesting. One of the Mister Fanboy staff previously worked at a museum which hosted a number of exhibits from The Japan Foundation. They run the gamut from great to so-so, but they tend to be put together very well. If you're in or around Toronto, you should check it out.

The exhibit's curator is from Cal State Chico and there's a great site on visual culture on their site here.

Popular Culture Extravaganza: Geppi's Entertainment Museum

This has been posted elsewhere, but we've been busy lately. The New York Times has a preview article of Geppi's Entertainment Museum, part of the Camden Yards complex in Baltimore, Maryland. Owned by the owner of Diamond Comics Distributors, Steve Geppi, the museum opens tomorrow. We so want to work there.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

JLA Writer Meltzer Interviewed On NPR About New Novel

Not one word was mentioned about his comic works, but Brad Meltzer was interviewed on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" this afternoon. Check it out here, where you will also find and excerpt from his new novel The Book of Fate. For us, the most interesting part was discussion of brainstorming with government officials and academics about worst-case terrorism scenarios.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Runaways Creators Go Bye-Bye

Brian K Vaughan announced online today that he and Adrian Alphona will be leaving Runaways. Although we completely understand the reasoning, we hope that this does not portend bad things for one of the best series being written today. Keep your fingers crossed and keep buying the book.

Omega Flight Announced

Marvel announced over the weekend that a new Omega Flight series will debut in 2007 under Mike Oeming (who does the art for Powers, among others) and Scott Kollins. Newsarama has a nice article with Oeming here. It will be a team primarily based in Canada, but it appears that it will be much more than that. Read the article. As the for picture above, the article did spill the beans that the figure to the far right that looks something like Thor is Beta Ray Bill. It also appears that we have a Spider- woman of some kind or another, a shield very similar to Captain America's, and a character wearing the old Guardian costume. Finally, the article does mention that at least one character will be a member of the old alpha flight. We're putting our money on Talisman, or possibly Snowbird. Neat stuff.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Not Sure Of What To Make Of This

Is it a joke? KKK progranda for kids? Stupidity? Yes, that must be it. Stupidity.

Again, from the good folks at Superdickery.

Batman Really Seems To Want To Perpetuate Those Rumors

This doesn't look like it will help much.

From the good folks at Superdickery.

How Did This One Get Past the Censors?

Addmitedly, it is a frame grab from a cartoon, but still ...

From the good folks at Superdickery.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wicker-Man Reviews Out: Ouch

We have to admit, we love the original film 1970s with Edward Woodward (from TV's Equalizer) and Christopher Lee (nearly every other movie on the planet). It's creepy story about a modern day cult on a secluded island. Not the greatest thing in the world, but it's still fun to watch. This weekend, a remake opened with Nicholas Cage in the Woodward role. The story's been changed a bit. Ellen Burstyn now takes on the role that Lee's character played in the original film. A review in today's Washington Post, however, was not so kind. Neither was the review in today's New York Times. What's not clear to us, is if that sends the movie into Lair of the White Worm (a good thing) or Warlock (a bad thing) territory.

Updated: Animated Fantastic Four Debuts Tonight

Just a friendly reminder that the animated Fantastic Four series will premier tonight at 8 PM Eastern/Pacific on Cartoon Network. Tonight's episode will feature Doctor Doom. We have no idea if it will be any good or not. No sense whatsoever, which is odd since we're usually pretty intuitive about these things. We'll have to call Miss Cleo and see what she's says.

Update: There's a podcast over at Marvel about the show. Check it out.

Frank Miller Audio Essay on NPR,on 9/11

Comics creator (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) and film director (co-director of Sin City and the solo director of the upcoming 300) Frank Miller will be featured on NPR's Morning Edition on September 11, 2006 reading an essay on patriotism on the audio program's "This I Believe" series.

NPR is National Public Radio and is the news of choice for progressives and armchair liberals, and is enthusiastically embraced by the Mister Fanboy Staff (remember we are news geeks too -- don't even get us started on the fire-breathing dragon that is Nancy Grace). "This I Believe" is an essay program where everyone from politicians and luminaries from diverse fields to regular people like you and you, but not you, submit essays about belief. Essays that are chosen are read by the author on the air. It all sounds rather staid, but the essays as a whole are thought-provoking.

Check out the NPR website for an actual schedule and to find the station near your (or just call the local Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood office, or ACLU affiliate and ask whomever answers the phone and odds are they will be able to tell you). If you live in Texas or Utah, you may not have any of those things in your state, but don't worry, You can download it from the NPR/"This I Believe" website.

Check out the Newsarama story about this here.