Monday, December 25, 2006

A Gift For Our Readers

Today, as we celebrate commercialism and the obesity epidemic in the U.S., we have a gift for you -yes you - our favorite reader of all! We present to you the WORST holiday song ever recorded. It's Barbra Streisand's Jingle Bells. Even better - someone set it to a singing marionette. One of our mother's tortured us with this as a child and now we spread that torture (democracy?) with you. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays, Dear Readers from your good friends (or, as the case may be, not so good friends) here on the Mister Fanboy Editorial Staff. Regardless of the holiday that you celebrate, we hope you enjoy yourselves. For those that are new to the U.S., here's a holiday primer. If you are celebrating:

Christmas-- The real one with Santa or even the Fundamentalist Christian one that isn't fun, party on.

Cha-Hanukkah: We're not Jewish but we like our keugal. Enjoy the big Jewish date night tonight.

Solstice -- You're going to hell for your Wiccan ways and there's nothing you can do about it - see the Fundamentalist Christians for more information. How's that veganism working out for you?

Festivus -- Pray to St. Claire of Assisi - she's the patron saint of television. You are celebrating a holiday invented by a sitcom after all.

Other - Use this chance to reflect on the "otherness" and "disconnectedness" you feel to the rest of mostly Christian America. Welcome to our inclusive society! See Anti-Religion below.

Anti-Religion-- Use this opportunity to reflect on the U.S.'s tradition of the separation of church and state, except for Christians as they are loved by our government (and Jews to some extent, but only because the Christians want to steal Jerusalem).

Now with all that in mind, go out celebrate the birth of this great nation by throwing tomatoes during the running of the bulls while collecting candy from your neighbors and self-flagellating.

We'll be back later in the week. We're heading to the Midwest for a big family howdown that we wish was not in the Midwest and not in December. Feel free to send us giftcards.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Virgin Birth This Holiday Season

Sure, we all know the story of Mary of Nazareth having the Christ child. But here's something for all you lizardophiles. So now that we've shown our Holiday spirit with this, never EVER ask again.

New Transformers Movie Trailer Now Online

Check it out here. Found via Blog At Newsarama.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Joe Barbera Dies

Remember the Hanna-Barbara cartoons that we all grew up with? Super Friends, which we highlighted here recently, was one of them. Sadly Joe Barbera, passed away today in Los Angeles. He joins Bill Hanna, his former partner who died in 2001, in the great hereafter. They certainly don't make cartoons like they used to. Read the article here.

Rocky and Bullwinkle Writer Dies

An obituary for Chris Hayward was published in today's Washington Post. Hayward was a pivotal writer for the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show and helped create the Munsters, among many other television writing gigs. Be sure to follow the link above to read the article. There's some good lines quoted from the series that still make us chuckle.

This Just Made Us Laugh

Don't ask us why, but this story from today's LA Times about pot being the largest cash crop NATIONWIDE makes us giggle - with glee. And no, we haven't had any (today - yet). HA! Nancy Reagan must be proud.

And yes, we know we've been slacking on the posting lately. We wish we had a good excuse. Too much weed, we suppose, as we do our part to keep America's agricultural industry going.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Breakfast of the Gods Webcomic.

We found this over at Boing Boing. It's a spoof of superhero comics starring your favorite breakfast cereal mascots (Cap'n Crunch, Count Chocula, Snap, Krackle, and Pop, etc.). Too much fun. Check it out. Click on the above image for a larger version.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Iraq Study Group Mock Covers

The Washington Post commissioned artists to come up with covers to the recently released Iraq Study Group report. Trivial? Yes. What's your point.

X-Men: The Last Stand DVD Review

So this is over a month overdue. Sue us. We're cheap. We finally got a copy to check out from the local library. (Mister Fanboy Staff Cheapskate Tip: Check out DVDs from your library. They are free. It's been over 5 years since we paid to rent a movie)

And for the record, spoiler alert.

We saw the movie when it originally came out. Check out our spirited review here. As with most movies, it was not as good the 2nd time around. In fact, now that the fannish patina we hold for the source material has dulled over time, we can honestly say that we like the film less and less. Was it really necessary to kill off 3 major characters and depower 2 others?

Still, that's not the point of this review. Nope. We're here to review the special features. The DVD promises 3 alternate endings. So we go into it thinking that there might be an ending where Phoenix lives or brings the Prof back to life. Nosiree Bob. It's probably worth noting here that the film ended with the funerals of the fallen. So, what do we get?

Ending #1: Essentially the same as the released version, with the dialogue taking place at the first day of the next school terms.

Ending #2: Rogue returns, letting Bobby know that she didn't take the cure, whereas in the released version she did.

Ending #3: Logan heads to Alberta, Canada, presumably to follow up on his past (and set up the Wolverine solo film).

What was the point? Aside from a deleted scene where Bobby kisses Kitty, nothing else happens. Yawn.

Bottom Line: Save your money and check it out from the library, or better yet, snap up a "Phoenix Saga" graphic novel to see the beauty of the source material.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Super Friends Appreciation Week Celebration: Our Favorite Episode # 1

Most likely our favorite Super Friends episode was the "Wizard of Oz" episode. In it, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are deposited magically to Oz. Little do they know, Mr. Mxyzptlk is behind this nefarious plan.

Superman becomes the Tin Man, Wonder Woman the Cowardly Lion (huh?), and Aquaman into the Scarecrow. Wackiness ensues. Superman yet again tricks Mr. Mxyzptlk back into the 5th Dimension, and the Super Friends arrive safely home. More fave episodes tomorrow.

Screenshots found here.

BREAKING: Bill The Cat Mourning Jeanne Kirkpatrick's Death - Suicide Watch Ongoing

We break into our regularly scheduled Super Friends Appreciation Week coverage for this breaking story ...

Bill The Cat is under observation following his dramatic suicide attempt this morning. Upon learning of his former love Jeanne Kirkpatrick's death in Bethesda, MD last night Bill sat atop the Golden Gate Bridge drinking, shooting up, main lining, tripping, and getting stoned. According to officer's on the scene, he mumbled "I'll O.D. again and join you in the great hereafter Jeannie - Thhhpt - Ack" before he was taken into custody. Mr. Cat. and Kirkpatrick were the toast of the town in the early 80s. Following their break-up, Mr. Cat carried on a well publicized affair with Betty Crocker. Crocker was quoted on CNN this morning as saying "Bill and that bitch Jeanne deserve to spend eternity together in the fiery pits of hell. No I am not bitter, dammit." Kirkpatrick's family requests that donations be made in her name to the Republican Party.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Super Friends Appreciation Week Celebration: Casting Call for Villains

We've mentioned the heroes, now it's time to spotlight the villains.

In the early days, many of the villains were aliens from outer space -- or maybe from the center of the earth -- either hell-bent on destroying the planet or aliens who came to visit, when some sort of Three's Company-esque misunderstanding occurred (without the sexual innuendo) before all was settled and everyone got along.

In the very earliest of days, there were your typical con artists and thieves.

The comic-book or comic-inspired villains were the final category. They included



Braniac II,

Felix Faust,

and Mr. Mxyzpltk, who was probably our favorite villain on the show. The Wizard of Oz themed episode was pure genius.

Then there was the Legion of Doom, a collection of the world's most nefarious (and in some cases bumbling) evildoers who were the foil for the Super Friends. In our opinion, once they came on the scene, the show was at the top of its game. The Legion of Doom was led by

Lex Luthor.

Other members included Braniac (Don't forget, he wants pants),

Black Manta,








Solomon Grundy (Don't forget, he wants pants too!),


and Captain Cold. Note that some of the Legion made appearances independent of the larger group.

In the final seasons,



and Kalibak brought their nastiness from Apokolips to Earth. By this time, however, the show was starting to lose steam and these recurring threats weren't explored as full as they were in later animated shows.

Now that we've showcased the major players, tomorrow we'll spotlight some of our favorite episodes.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Animated Iron Man Trailer

In non Super Friends Appreciation Week News ...

Check out the trailer for the Invincible Iron Man feature coming soon on DVD (1/23/2007). Thanks to the Blog at Newsarama for pointing the way. It doesn't look as though any of the charming personality traits that Iron Man's been exhibiting in the comics lately will make their way into it. We can only hope.

Super Friends Appreciation Week Celebration: Casting Call for Heroes

Over the years that it aired (1973 -1986) there were numerous iterations and cast members to the Super Friends, who perform the same function as the Justice League of America in the comics. Headquartered out of the Hall of Justice, they stopped evildoers (0ften from other galaxies, dimensions, etc. but also along the lines of a Scooby Doo villain in some cases) from wreaking havoc.

Original Members (Who Need No Introduction)

Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman

Teen sidekicks Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog (how come Robin gets to kick ass and they don't?)

NOTE: Wendy and Marvin (sans Wonder Dog) are currently supporting members of the current Teen Titans comic.

Unfortunately, by the 3rd season, our sidekicks were replaced by the alien Wonder Twins (Zan, Janya, and their blue monkey Gleek). When crashing fists together and exclaiming "Wonder Twins Activate" Jayna would take the "form of" some sort of animal and and Zan took the "shape of" water in a variety of states (steam, ice, flowing, etc.).

Also during the same season, there were occasional guest star heroes that included Flash, Plastic Man, Atom and Green Arrow.

A few years later, Hawkman, Green Lantern, and the Flash joined the cast full-time. Hawkgirl and Superboy also joined the ranks of occasional heroes.

Soon after, three non-comics characters joined the heroes.

Black Vulcan (which looks to be based on Black Lightning and shot electricity bolts and flew),

Samurai (who could turn invisible, wielded a sword, and controlled a mini-tornado that flew him around),

and Apache Chief (who, when exclaiming "Inuk-Chuk" grew to towering heights; interestingly, Manitou Raven and Dawn Raven had similar utterances when invoking spells in the JLA comics)

Eventually, the group was joined by El Dorado, who had powers all over the map like teleportation and laser eyes. Like the previous 3, his characters was a very clunky attempt at diversity. The problem is that all of the characters were walking stereotypes with bad exaggerated accents and cultural traits.

Finally, there was Rima the Jungle Girl joining the group of occasional heroes, though she appeared only a few times.

Finally, in the last few seasons Cyborg from the Teen Titans

and Firestorm joined the cast.

Tomorrow, we'll take a look at the villains.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Super Friends Appreciation Week Celebration: Villains Need Pants


Villains can be so lame.

Super Friends Appreciation Week Celebration: Lampoon The L O' Doom

Towards the end of the run of the Super Friends franchise of cartoons, the Legion of Doom was introduced as a foil for our heroes. In this Cartoon Network Promo, the Powerpuff Girls save Wonder Woman and Aquaman and hand the Legion's asses to themselves on a plate. Yes, we did say the Powerpuff Girls.

Super Friends Appreciation Week Celebration

This week, we celebrate all things Super Friends. The show introduced us to super heroes even before comics. At least one post per day (as such, we'll have to hit you with a few today as we couldn't get our shit together early in the week). We start things off with That Time is Now (Superfriends) by Michael Kohler, which originally aired on the Cartoon Network.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Speedy Reminds You It's World AIDS Day

Loren over at One Diverse Comic Book Nation reminded us it was World AIDS Day today and has a nice synopsis of HIV+ characters in comics.

Speedy (Mia), Green Arrow's most recent sidekick, is the only HIV+ character in comics these days that we know of. If she were here she would remind you that:

1) One should not practice unsafe sex. In other words, wear a condom dudes! If you're on the receiving end, make sure he wears one, regardless if you are male or female.
2) Don't share needles when using intravenous drugs. Hopefully you're not shooting up, but if you are don't share those needles!

There are, of course, lots of other things you shouldn't do. Visit the World AIDS Day site for more information