Sunday, April 20, 2008

Catwoman Book to Be Put Down?

We found this little of giblet of craptacularness on Newsarama today buried in their coverage of the New York Comic-Con:

"I heard a rumor online - is Catwoman getting cancelled?" DiDio: "That is true, actually." He added that doesn't mean you won't be seeing the character in the DC Universe.

If it's true, that just plain sucks. It's a great book that's solidly written and drawn. Whereas I think most of DC's uber -events suck, because I find them long-winded, confusing, and unsatisfying, it's little books like Catwoman that are in the trenches dealing with more personal issues that are so much more gratifying. Perhaps that's why my pull list has been heavier on the Marvel side than DC for the last few years.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Secret Invasion Mini Haiku Review

Skrulls here and Skrulls there

Heroes Beside Themselves

Ignore Snarkers Read