Thursday, August 02, 2007

Comic-Con Photodump Part 2

Anderson Cooper gets his geek on

Julia Roberts sporting a new do

Snark free: Milla Jovovich was absolutely charming!

Sam Raimi apologizes for Spider-Man 3

We didn't know Michael Jackson was at Comic-Con

Fan of Chinese manufactured toys

Tim Curry's lost weight

The latest in sex toy technology

Maria Shriver diet plan ...

Turn on your heartlight ...

Amadala's baby's daddy


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Comic-Con 2007 Photodump Part 1

Big Boy delivers?

Who is watching for the Watchmen? We are! Filming for the big screen adaptation begins soon!

Jeph Loeb

Brian Michael Bendis signing for fans

David Mack signing for fans

David Mack and a member of the Mister Fanboy Editorial Staff (Aquaman? What a loser!)

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Comic-Con Day 4 Report

We apologize for our brevity ...

The final day of Comic-Con was Kids Day and only ran through the late afternoon. Regardless, the crowd was hopping. Some of our highlights ...

We got our "Death of Captain America" issue signed by scribe Ed Brubaker

We attended the X-Men panel, though we can’t report anything that other blogs already haven’t

We got a sweet pic of Matt Groening, Simpsons creator, signing autographs

We also were present for the unveiling of the Iron Man armor from the upcoming film. Truth be told, we pretty much could care less, but the armor has a nice retro look.

From there we bailed and went to the San Diego Zoo. You can’t go to San Diego without visiting the zoo, can you. Pandas, monkeys, birds of all kinds, and reptiles were the highlights of our all too brief sojourn before we headed back to the airport and the heat of Vegas.

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